Disciplinary Rules

1. Every student is expected to be in school five minutes before the Assembly Bell. Continous late attendance will effect the monthly attendance of the House.

2. Running, playing, shouting and whistlinginside the school building is never allowed.

3. Silence must be observed while moving in the corridors.

4. Newspapers, periodicals and magazines may never be brought the school without Principal’s sanction.

5. Late students will be admitted to the class with the permission of the Principal.

6. Students requiring to leave the school during the day must bring the written request from the parents which shall be presented to the Principal before morning assembly.

7. During the recess, the students must leave the rooms & rest in the open.

8. No collection for any purpose what so ever may be made in the school the permission of the Principal.

9. No kind of ornaments are allowed in the school premises.

10. No kind of electronics can be carried in the school in hand or in school bags. Use of mobile phones is strictly banned in the school. Disciplinary actions will be taken against the defaulter.

11. Students who don’t have school bus facility, if found travelling in school bus without permission, will be charged (fee) from beginning of the session. Motor-bikes and auto-vehicles are not allowed in the school permises.

12. Students must lock his/her cycle in the cycle stand.

13. Pupil must be pickled up punctually after school hours for the day. The school can not be held responsible for the safety of the pupil beyond that period.

14. Speak in Hindi or English Local language is not allowed.